Who are we and what do we stand for?

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Claire Harvey

South Ward

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Jay Johnstone

North East Ward

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Gabriel Norris

North West Ward

a conversation with tim costello

On Sunday 4th October, Claire, Jay and Gabriel had the opportunity to chat with local, Tim Costello about his life and the shared values of his political life and the Reimagining Frankston campaign.

campaign launch-

feat. bo'ness

Our official launch event- we have all nominated as candidates at the local council elections in Frankston.
We'd love you to share with anyone you think would like to hear our message- or hear some great music!

What we believe:
The 9 Pillars

September 1st, 2020

Committed to the vision of the Australia reMADE campaign, we stand together- Claire Harvey (South Ward), Gabriel Norris (North West Ward) and Jay Johnstone (North East Ward) in support of a better version of Frankston. The nine pillars that give shape to our desire for the City of Frankston.

This video shows how we will represent these 9 pillars in representing Frankston.

In running across Frankston’s three wards, together we demonstrate the transformative power of solidarity and collaboration, reinforcing the need to work together to bring necessary, positive change at all levels of society. In light of the significant challenges brought our way by COVID-19, we are determined to seize new opportunities to remake our world in a way that serves all people, and that preserves the treasures of our natural environment for generations to come.