Reimagining Frankston 2020 - standing together

Committed to the compelling vision of the Australia reMADE campaign, we stand together- Claire Harvey (South Ward), Gabriel Norris (North West Ward) and Jay Johnstone (North East Ward) in support of a better version of Frankston. 

The nine pillars that give shape to our desire for the City of Frankston and beyond are as follows:

  1. A first people’s heart

  2. A natural world for now and the future

  3. An economy for the people

  4. A society where all contributions count and every job has dignity

  5. A diversity of people living side by side 

  6. A country of flourishing communities

  7. A new dawn for women 

  8. A thriving democracy

  9. A proud contributor to a just world

We commit to campaigning honestly and transparently with a focus on who we are and what we stand for. In running across Frankston’s three wards, together we demonstrate the transformative power of solidarity and collaboration, reinforcing the need to work together constructively in order to bring necessary, positive change at all levels of society. In light of the significant challenges brought our way by COVID-19, we are determined to seize new opportunities to remake our world in a way that puts people in the centre and that preserves the treasures of our natural environment for generations to come. 

Together we can reimagine Frankston!

Find out more about the amazing work of Australia reMADE: