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Claire Harvey

South Ward

I’m committed to Frankston - a city filled with potential and promise. It’s where I choose to work, live, and serve, and where I’m raising my two primary-aged children as a single mum. We are tremendously privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and together with Gabriel Norris (North West Ward) and Jay Johnstone (North East Ward) I am excited about the opportunity to help form a Council that will work to see Frankston become a thriving, attractive, safe community where all people can genuinely flourish. 

I have a Bachelor of Commerce (Monash University) along with significant experience working in retail, accounting, training, business management and human resources. My service to the community has included volunteering on not-for-profit boards and committees, including as Treasurer. Most recently I have worked with emerging adults in a secondary school context, which has deepened my passion to see young people provided with accessible pathways to further education and meaningful and secure employment.

I am strongly committed to environmental protection, resource recovery, and action on climate change, for the sake of our common future. My ongoing efforts to see a sustainable co-housing development established in the heart of Frankston illustrates my deep commitment to work for positive change, and an acknowledgement that integrity means that this needs to start with me.

If elected to represent you on Council I will continue to stand for accountability and transparency, and to oppose corruption in all forms. I commit to doing my very best to hold in tension the need to pursue visionary ideals for our wonderful city with the need for good stewardship of resources and a common sense approach to effective decision-making.


My good friend Claire Harvey is running for Frankston council with Reimagining Frankston. Even better is that the 9 pillars from Remade Australia are at the centre of their vision for Frankston. Claire is a person of integrity, a justice focus, compassion and kindness and she has a fierce intellect: she will make an excellent councillor

Rev Cam McAdam - Uniting Church Minister (The Village Church, Mount Eliza)

I know Claire personally and can't think of a person more suited to represent us at Council - principled, passionate and compassionate, intelligent, educated, connected. She has great integrity and will stand up for what is right

Andy McGorlick - Friend & Local business owner (LoanHouse, Frankston)

Claire always got it right, and learnt fast - delivering high quality carbon accounts straight after completing her training. Claire's high EQ and IQ and commitment to doing her best made her a star performer at CarbonetiX. She was incredibly consistent, and has strong beliefs that she holds true to, making her a great leader

It is a privilege to endorse Claire Harvey as a candidate for the City of Frankston. As a past City Councillor I know what it takes to be involved locally for the common good of the City. Claire has that passion. She will bring to the role a driving interest in environmental and social issues mixed with an integrity that will see her listening and acting to and for the Community, with honesty in governance that is beyond reproach

Bruce Rowse - Local business owner (80/20Green)

Dr David Wilson - Past Councillor (City of Melbourne)

We are lucky to have Claire Harvey standing for the South Ward of Frankston Council. I know Claire to be a woman of immense personal integrity, who has consistently put her beliefs into action since I have known her.

Gillian Collins - Friends of The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve

Claire Harvey is one of the most gifted and intelligent people I have ever met. She is deeply committed to and passionate about social issues, sustainability and the environment, and lives out those values with integrity and remarkable consistency. Perhaps more importantly, though, she is a person of compassion, who listens with empathy and care, and understands the vital role of healthy communities in nurturing well-being.  She would make a superb contribution to Council

Timothy Meyers - Board Chair (Flinders Community Christian College)