Gabriel Norris

North West Ward

I am an experienced Project Manager with 15 years of community volunteer experience. I believe that the core responsibility of local council is to reflect the wishes of its citizens and I commit to always put the people first. 
As a proud member of Reimagining Frankston, along with Claire Harvey (South Ward) and Jay Johnstone (North East Ward), I am excited about the opportunity to help form a Council that will work to see Frankston become a thriving, attractive, safe community where all people can genuinely flourish. 
Raising 3 daughters in Frankston has given me the opportunity to be extensively involved in the community here: serving on kinder committee in many roles (including president); volunteering for local family programs (MOPS and mainly music); contributing to our primary school; serving on the board of our local secondary college.
I am an experienced event and cultural coordinator. I have worked with local secondary schools for the past four years and believe in the potential of our young people and the responsibility we have to create positive and progressive communities to pass on to our children.
I am proud to stand in the North West Ward, where people look out for each other during tough times. I believe that there needs to be considerable investment in the people and infrastructure of the North West Ward and will represent you proudly in the council chamber. 
I stand by a vision of Frankston where the environment, economy, communities and systems of government are designed to serve the people… ALL PEOPLE.

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In the time I have known Gabriel Norris I have been impressed with her genuine concern for her community, vulnerable people and youth issues.  Be it her commitment to her children, their friends or supporting their educational success in the Mount Erin Arts Academy, she is a source of seemingly boundless energy.  What is truly impressive is how she extends that warmth and generosity of energy to her children's friends and classmates.

In person Gabriel is a bright and bubbly soul with a rapier like intellect. A woman of strong convictions and an engaging communication style that makes her a pleasure to enjoy a robust debate with, over a generous dinner table.  Forthright, good humoured and highly principled, I can recommend Gabriel for any role where the social good and public trust are key considerations.

Dr Cosimo Chiera
Senior Lecturer, Chisholm Institute