Jay Johnstone

North East Ward

Reimagining Frankston is people focused. I am a husband and father to 6 beautiful children and a teacher. I have years of experience working with youth and families. I have volunteered for football clubs and serve on a school board. I have a program on our peninsula radio station and speak regularly in our faith communities. I barrack for Collingwood, love books and sci-fi. My hobbies include mixed martial arts and the study of history and politics. I am an avid runner, trying to get out for a run everyday with out family dog.
I am one of you. I love our community and desire to see Frankston city prosper because it's people prosper. I will represent you with a passion and work hard to ensure that we have the right people implementing the right programs to give you the best chance to thrive. 

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“I have known Jay for just over 5 years. During that time he has been a dedicated and valued member and mentor to the younger students at my martial arts academy. He is Always looking to better not only himself but also the students around him. He is encouraging, hard working and a positive example to others. I am so proud to say Jay is part of the XFC family and am proud to endorse Jay for council and believe he will work hard for the people of Frankston".

Jamie Abdallah - Local business owner XFC gym Carrum Downs/former AFC light Heavyweight Champion.

‘I cannot think of a finer person than Jay Johnstone to endorse as a representative within our local government. I have known Jay for 6 years in the role of a teacher and mentor to my children, as a member and volunteer of our local  football club and as a friend within the community. Jay has always demonstrated how people focused, passionate, driven and community minded he is. He puts others first, leads by example and always inspires others to strive to be the best they possibly can be. I wish him every success in his campaign for election, knowing the people of Frankston will benefit greatly from his leadership and direction’.

Stacey Dowsett - community volunteer and friend.


‘When you meet Jay you will instantly warm to him. He is enthusiastic about life and brings a positive attitude to all he does. Jay is committed to values that encourage inclusion and well being. He loves the neighbourhood, believing that people should have a place to live that is safe and family oriented’.

Chris Prior - Former Principal/friend.

‘Jay is a dedicated husband, father and teacher as well as an active member of his community. Always looking to improve the community he lives in by being an example to others. He encourages and engages his community to be better versions in all he turns his hand to. As a personal friend I would be proud to have him as a part of the local council’.

Catherine Thomas - Skye


I have had the joy of getting to know Jay over the past five years in my capacity as his Head of Secondary and more recently as Head of Learning, Innovation and Discipleship. Jay joined Bayside Christian College as a graduate teacher after having been a pastor. Jay’s leadership gifts were recognised very quickly with his greatest strengths being: his positive can-do attitude, his boundless energy and enthusiasm and his genuine care and concern for all those around him, both staff and students. Jay is a man of deep faith and integrity and a person whom many come to for wise counsel. Given his innovative mind, his strong character and his natural leadership abilities the College has entrusted him with researching and spearheading an innovative programme for our year 9 students. Jay has admirably embraced this opportunity and has worked with our Head of School to design an engaging programme which targets the unique needs of students in this stage of development. He has also rallied a team of people around this initiative to maximise input, ideas, commitment and energy. Jay has always had a longstanding interest in politics and in the justice system as evidenced by his Master’s degree where he majored in History. Jay has inspired and developed in our students a love for mercy and justice and has always sought out ways to encourage and nurture their meaningful engagement with and service to our local community. I could not recommend Jay more as a political candidate for the North East Ward. He will represent you well, as one who will listen intently and give time and deep consideration to your ideas, needs, concerns and opinions. He is a leader who genuinely cares, stands by his word and one in whom you can trust to deliver on his promises. 

Shirley Patterson - Head of school/innovation-