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About our waste free election campaign…

Some will say we’re brave (while others may well suggest that we’re stupid), but in nominating to run for election to Council in the City of Frankston we have decided to go ‘low waste’ and ‘tree free’. Why? Because we are all totally committed to acting in line with our stated values. We are serious about protecting our natural world, and we care about the planet we are leaving to our kids. A campaign that willingly, knowingly, generates heaps of additional paper waste and single-use plastic corflute signs would not reflect who we are and what we stand for. Think about thirty-five candidates, in just this one city. And then multiply it out over 76 Local Government Areas (noting that three of the 79 don’t have elections running this year). It’s a LOT of waste, on top of what is unavoidable due to the official ballot process. We just can’t and won’t do it.

There is more information about the nine pillars of the Australia ReMade vision on our website, but the second pillar relates to our concern for the natural world, now and into the future. In our own lives this looks like many things, such as sorting our rubbish carefully; recycling what we can (including soft plastics - via Redcycle, partner with local Carrum Down manufacturer Replas); composting; purchasing 100% government accredited GreenPower; generating rooftop solar power; divesting from banks that fund the expansion of the fossil fuel industry; ensuring our superannuation is invested ethically in projects that are actually good for people and planet (rather than mere profit); relying less on private vehicles for transport; growing veggies; flying less; doing beach clean-ups; supporting the school climate strikes; and offsetting other hard-to-avoid household and transport emissions with not-for-profit organisations like GreenFleet.

Personally we’re all proud that Frankston City Council took the step of declaring a Climate Emergency last year, but as we’ve certainly seen this year, emergencies demand our serious attention, not mere lip service. There is important work to be done, across our communities and at all levels of Government.

So, how on earth do we hope to get word out without flyers and corflutes? Through personal connections, conversations, networking, social media, key events, blog posts like this, and your goodwill in thinking to share widely about our Reimagining Frankston campaign, if it aligns with who you are and what you value.

The more I speak with locals, the more apparent it becomes that people have, on the whole, given up on seeking transformation and change - if they ever believed it possible in the first place. People seem cynical about politics, and those elected to represent them at a local level. So, I invite you to join with us in seizing this opportunity to be bold and brave and hopeful in speaking up for the kind of world you want to see emerge in the years to come, as we rebuild in the wake of COVID-19.

Let’s put people and the planet first. Let’s start now. And let’s do it together!

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