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Why Run for Council?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Why do you want to run for council? This is the question that is asked the most and is, perhaps, the most obvious for a candidate. Why run? Why invest your time and resources and energy seeking a social position that most people do not pay attention to? Because it matters. It is true that the council is the first level of government and the least publicized? But being the first level of government also means it is the closest form of government to the people. Councils are connected to community in a way that States and Federal levels of government cannot be. A councilor does not need to split their time between the ward and the capital. They do not need to block time between party business, electoral needs and policy development. A council, at its best, is tuned into the community because its members are drawn from and are part of the community. A Councilor has the opportunity to identify community needs and coordinate a response. The council can set policies that attract business, build infrastructure and beautify the area. A council can make a difference. But this is not always the case.

Why run for council? Because council matters. Because a council should reflect the best of the community it represents. Because, while the publicity and power rests with the State and Federal governments, councilors can make a real difference to people and their lives. Because service to community is the highest calling and one that should be honoured. Because people deserve a choice and the opportunity to set a new direction.

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