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Who are we?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Who are we?

Putting your hand up to serve in a political arena can be a daunting thing. There can even be a touch of cynicism when thinking about the 'circus' that politics can be. Every 4 years when the ballots arrive in the mail for the local elections, most candidates seem to fall into 2 clear categories: The glossy edited candidate backed by a support structure that is making sure they are seen in the best light: Or the emotional screed devoid of grammar and riddled with spelling mistakes. What has resulted is a council whose behavior over a number of election cycles, has been less than optimal. A council riven with personal feuds and requiring oversight. The result of these circumstances has been that the interests of the community have been sidelined - and shouldn't this be the main priority of a council?

We believe there is a better way, and this way starts with listening. Each of us has a heart for people and desire to see people flourish. This begins by first providing a space in which people can be heard. There is a wonderful dignity in providing a person the opportunity to be heard without judgement. It is a shame this is not a normal practice. People know what is missing in their communities and can often tell you exactly what is needed; the tools, ideas and resources that will improve their community. What people are often lacking is a voice. We are raising our hands to be that voice. Not as saviors or people with all the answers. We are normal, family oriented working people who want to make a difference. We see a deficit and dare to fill it.

What we bring are lifetimes of professional practice, a working-class ethos and family values. What we promise is to be forthright, honest, transparent and to listen. We do not bring an agenda except that people come first. We will plan beyond the election cycle and treat people, all people, with kindness. We will empower and listen to the experts. We will put the needs of constituents, YOU, as our first priority. We live, work and play in our city and we are invested in its future, in you.

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