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Your Candidate: Jay L. Johnstone for North East Ward.

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hello, my name is Jay, and I am running as a candidate for the North East Ward. My family and I are happy to call the Langwarrin area home. I am raising my hand, together with my friends Claire Harvey and Gabriel Norris. Together, we are passionate about re-imagining Frankston, serving the community, and working towards positive change.

Politics has always been an interest and a passion of mine. Discussions around government policy at state and federal level, have always been common topics of debate within my family growing up. I was raised in a blue collar family, from a long line of railway workers and union members. My father was a country pastor, who was deeply influenced by his working class upbringing. He strove to initiate programs that helped working people, who had been knocked down, get back on their feet. This has instilled in me a deep empathy for people, and a strong sense of justice. I see how we are all connected, relying on each other and the strong sense of community the City of Frankston can provide. I understand that even hard working individuals can still need a helping hand. This is why I am passionate about listening and engaging with people about their needs.

I initially followed my father's footsteps into the ministry. Working in families ministry and studying at university. This provided our family the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful people, lead teams, and journey with others in moments of celebration and growth. I then pursued new opportunities in secondary education, helping to form and shape the minds of young people, and prepare them for their own journey in the world. It has been a privilege to work with families in a brand new space. As family continues to be an amazing support and source of joy. 

I believe positive change comes as a direct result of humility and collaboration, and I acknowledge that no one individual has all the answers. We are each made with a unique set of skills and abilities, that when brought together, complement each other. Wisdom is discerned in community, and no one can succeed on their own. When leaders look out for themselves or engage in zero-sum politicking, we all suffer as a result. When we become arrogant, cynical and distrustful, it frays at the bonds of a community and we all bear the consequences. A vision of kindness and togetherness is needed at this time. One that places human dignity and worth within the frame of community. We must face the present challenges honestly and together. It is the place of our community leaders to bring people together and work for the common good, to conduct themselves honestly, transparently and with integrity. We must listen to the experts and forge a post political vision for our city. We are all connected and our prosperity is connected. But together we have a greater chance of achieving a compassionate and thriving community.

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